Fed up with cigarette butts?

Smoker Gel: my disposable ashtray for responsible smokers


My daily solution

Smoker Gel is a disposable solution made from hydrogel. This ashtray instantly extinguishes my cigarette butt and neutralizes smoke and odors.

2 types of ashtray outdoor or indoor


Collecter les mégots à la source, toutes mes utilisations extérieures


Cendrier avec couvercle hermétique pour neutraliser fumée et odeurs

Cup-holder / car drink holder

  • 100% practical and eco-responsible
  • Cup and lid + 1 gr. of polymer
  • Capacity: 20 to 30 butts
  • Sold in packs of x25, x50 or x100
Un cendrier propre pour un environnement propre


Cendrier de poche hermétique pour collecter les mégots

In a soft pouch, it slips easily into a pocket or handbag

  • 100% airtight (zipper)
  • Bag + 1 gr. of polymer
  • Capacity: 20 to 30 butts
  • Sold in packs of x25, x50 or x100

eco-responsible, I finally have a clear conscience


Easy to use and ready in 2 minutes

comfort for smokers (and passive ones)

Logo Smoker Gel mon cendrier jetable pour fumeur responsable

I haven't thrown my cigarette butts out the window since I got my CUP in the car.


46 years old,, Chardonne

I like to smoke a small kéké when I'm on the chairlift, no need to make it do the leap before arrival...


21 years old, Sion

Non-smoker, I put a Smoker-Gel disposable ashtray on the table when I receive my friends for a BBQ, no need to clean the ashtrays! Which was intended for me since my wife couldn't bear to do that...   

Marc and Clothilde


The Smokergel Team

A committed team

For the comfort of all

Created by responsible smokers

And appreciated by non-smokers




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